Cutting Weight E-Book

Cutting Weight E-Book

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Making weight is crucial. It’s the most important part of your competitive training cycle. A poorly executed cut can ruin your meet (or fight) and turn months of hard training into a total waste of time after you bomb out and fail to perform your best.

With Cutting Weight, Brian Carroll has your solution. Brian holds world records in multiple powerlifting weight classes. He’s also the secret weight-cutting weapon of many of the biggest names in the sport, guiding world-class lifters like Al Caslow, Shawn Frankl, Brian Schwab, and Jesse Burdick to record setting performances on the platform.

Cutting Weight is the definitive guide to making weight in any weight class sport, including MMA and wrestling. From beginning to end, Brian will show you how to make weight at the precise moment you need to (on the scale at your weigh-in), without compromising anything with your performance.

Inside, Cutting Weight addresses:

  • Deciding how much weight to cut.
  • How to start your cut, and what to do every step of the way.
  • Two-hour weigh-ins.
  • Twenty-four hour weigh-ins.
  • How to restrict carbs.
  • Supplementation.
  • Sauna and steam techniques.
  • Exact timing for every step of the process.
  • Putting weight back on.
  • IV bags.
  • What to do on competition day.
  • How to turn your weight-cut rebound into multiple PRs on competition 

    “You’d spend hundreds—even thousands—of dollars on meet prep and travel, so why screw it all up by cutting weight the wrong way? Brian charges ten times the price of this book to guide people through this process, but everything you need to know is right here in this incredibly well-written, professionally produced book. This is a must-read for any athlete who has to step on a scale.” – Dave Tate

     “I was close to a meet, and 20 pounds over my weight class, so I called Brian. Everything he said would happen, did. I think he has a crystal ball that tells him exactly what I’ll feel, and when. I made weight right on time, and was able to focus on the competition in front of me. With Brian, this isn’t magic. It’s experience and knowledge.”   – Jesse Burdick, 821 pound deadlifter at 220

    “Brian Carroll’s guidance with making weight has made a huge difference for me. I love his methodical approach. More importantly, I appreciate the thoroughness of his protocol. He gave me the easiest time I’ve had in cutting weight, and I maintained my performance as a result.” – Al Caslow, world record holder in the squat at 165.